| What is Love? |

Baby don't hurt me. But really - It's such a fickle thingWhy do I fear it?Emotion - Why do I avoid it?The flame of life - Why do I smother it?Why do I hide it?Why do I push it away? Fear. Why is it something that makes me shut everyone out?Avoid the hug.A rub on … Continue reading | What is Love? |


| It starts with the war |

Stuck in flecks of brown they lock your gaze with sticky honey. The war. Pain. It starts with the pain.HeartacheIt starts with the heartache Vacancy. Emptiness. White walls, white walls, WarRed Flakes of perfect golden honeyIt starts with war In eyes so gentle, how can I see it?It stops me in my tracksPain. I can … Continue reading | It starts with the war |