| A Poem (My First) |

C. 1979A poem by John TurociA poem my father wrote for my mother. I think the time is dueTo tell you of my love for you.I love your body, heart and mindYou're a special blend, you're one of a kind.I never wrote a poem beforeI always bought them at the store.I know it's lines of … Continue reading | A Poem (My First) |


| frustrations |

“Why don’t you wake up to a quiet morning?” I did. And my mind My mind My mind My mind Too many black figures caused me to run I turned up the volume I turned up the volume The volume So my demons couldn’t come to life So the darkness of the night living inside … Continue reading | frustrations |

| more than family |

It starts with joy. A memory. A howl of merriment.Far away. A moment long goneBut never forgotten Like dancing by the fireOn a late summer night An adventure through the woodsTo meet othersOthers with the same spark as you. Running wild through the townYoung.Wild.And living without regrets. That sweet moment when you realizeYou're finally freeFree … Continue reading | more than family |